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Academic thinking and industrial
method joined together

We are a young company, with an academic background, as Meccanica 42 is an official Spin-Off of the University of Florence, and our ideas are ready for the real world, thrusted and supported by our stakeholder Danisi Engineering, an OEM’s supplier in the field of chassis systems providing concepts, engineering, prototyping and low volume production.
Our close relationship with the University allows us to keep up with the most advanced technologies and techniques, focusing on the vehicle dynamics control and the structural dynamics fields, whilst our technical skills are daily strengthened by the expertise of the Danisi Engineering company, a highly experienced company with a strong background built on successful projects.
Moreover, we take care of the proper training of our staff proudly supporting the Firenze Race Team, the Formula SAE team of the University of Florence.

We believe in our work

For the founders of Meccanica 42, a car cannot be only a vehicle: it has to be enjoyable for the driver, and it has to protect the occupants. This is not a contradiction.
Thinking of new smart devices and tuning them with our simulator technology, the driving pleasure can be exalted improving both the vehicle reactivity and the feedback returned to the driver. On the other hand, whenever the driver becomes the bottleneck of the safety chain, the vehicle of the future should take control and make the most of its dynamic performances.
This is our vision. This is where we want to go.


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