Danisi Engineering

Since 1996, Danisi Engineering play a key role in the Automotive Industry. Specialized in vehicle engineering, simulation, testing and prototyping solutions for the automotive industry, DE is a thrusted partner for OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers. Danisi Engineering believes in Meccanica 42’s work from the very beginning, finding in us the perfect completion of its competence portfolio.


Thyssenkrupp, is an industrial group that works constantly in the field of research and production of highly innovative products. The group has recently become a partner of Meccanica 42. Together we have already collaborated on some projects and there are interesting project for the future.

Formula Medicine

Dr. Ceccarelli, the founder of Formula Medicine, is the forerunner of Sports Medicine in F1. Since 1989 he has been focused on monitoring and predicting the physiological and mental status of the drivers both in training and racing. Meccanica 42 is proud to be partner of Formula Medicine for human factors projects.


VI-grade is the leading provider of software products and services for advanced applications in the field of system level simulation. Together, we have realized complex project of our simulator at the office of Danisi Engineering. Meccanica 42, is always invited at the annual events of VI-grade, as well as other international costumers, where are presented the innovation and the best papers.

University of Florence

Born in the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIEF), Meccanica 42 is an official Spin-Off of the University of Florence. This pave the way to a continuous cooperation with skilled researchers towards our strategic goals. Moreover, we promote master thesis and provide the best students with PhD grants to drive the training of our next employees.

University of Trento

Meccanica 42 is the a partner of Master ADBoT of the Università di Trento. ADBoT aims at giving participants the knowledge of the enabling technologies and tools for the design and development of intelligent systems for connected and autonomous vehicles. Entirely taught in English, the Master is based on a multidisciplinary approach ranging from mechanics, computer science, electronics, robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. We are proud of this partnership, because Meccanica 42 believe in young people and we want to offer them the right tools to learn and put into practice their knowledge.

Firenze Race Team

Firenze Race Team is the official team of Formula SAE of University of Florence and the first Driverless Italian team. Meccanica 42 proudly supports the Team as key-sponsor, providing technical advices and custom products for their activity.